Infrastructure & Quality

Quality Assurance

At Glitz, quality is passion and motto related to happy customer. Assurance¬†of good quality .A start from a good aesthetic design and it goes through all stages. Right from the selection of raw material, paint, consumable articles like ballasts, capacitors, in build conductors, reflectors and no doubt workmanship goes through lots of checkpoints, till the final product reaches at end-user’s hand.


Glitz has developed and brought up with care, some dedicated vendors and manufacturing units, who are assigned the task of making tailor-made fixtures.


Glitz has in house services of lighting consultancy through its team of innovative and qualified lighting designers. Glitz also offers services of erection and installation of sophisticated fixtures through its service department with well experienced technical staff. It also insures the urgent servicing needs of clients after sales.

Customer Base

Since its inception in 1994,these above aspects have been way of life at the time of expansions, Changes and in route of incorporation of J.B Incorporate. The result, customer base that ranges from the small-scale business centers, multi faced showrooms to multinational corporations. And repeat customers that formed a volume of more than 50%. Now if that is not a reflection of customer confidence?

Thirst Areas

Glitz plan for new expansions, opting new technologies and up bring hi quality electronic products in field of transformers, ballasts for residential and industrial purposes.