• Pacific Business Ventures Limited evolved little over ten years ago, the makers of Glitz Lighting. It was formerly known as J.B. Incorporate Limited.
  • Glitz lighting is a leading supplier of lighting products Fiji wide & products are very well distributed through hardware merchants, electrical companies and are very popular within contractor community.
  • The company took successful strides in the field of commercial lighting and is pioneer in the modern lighting systems. It has come a long way, since the time when specialized interior lighting was beginning to manifest as an architectural concept.
  • Deeply rooted in the belief that each customer has its own specific need & utility, to be catered, Glitz provided lighting solution to every such need.
  • Over the years, lighting industry went through an ocean change everywhere in the world. As building & interior designers broke all traditions and a whole new, set of values came into being.
  • Glitz is a prime witness to the era of transition when hi-technology first made its presence felt in the area of lighting design. This calls for innovations in selection of design; understand the need of required lighting-capability to translate all this into a perfect lighting management.
  • Glitz products are reliable, good value for money, easy to install, maintain, and with latest technical innovation. All the above is achieved with the help of team of experienced in house electrical engineers, interior designers and contractors, to tackle toughest jobs & situation, through technical expertise & engineering.
  • Thirst areas of the company are energy saving products in LED’s and
    solar technologies.